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:: Jordy Vonk im Interview

Der Niederländer Jordy Vonk (NED-69) über seine derzeitige Saisonvorbereitung und seine Pläne wieder beim Multivan Windsurf Cup in Kühlungsborn anzutreten.

How do you prepare the season?

I spent 3,5 months in Tenerife to train full power on my body and skills on the water. With the TWS Pro Slalom Training I made sure I did many races to get better on the course. Beside I trained with a personal trainer to become super fit and stronger: mixing up some weight lifting, crossfit and cycling. After I go to Lake Garda and France to get fully tuned up and then I should be ready for the season!

You started at the Windsurf Cup Kühungsborn last year. Do you want to join again this year?

If it fits in my schedule I’m for sure thinking to come again! Last year Kühlungsborn gave us an amazing day of slalom racing in some awesome challenging conditions. I would be more then happy to join all German riders there again!

What do you like about this spot?

During the slalom last year it was easy to enter the water while there were some waves breaking outside. So it was very easy to launch into a difficult spot! It was challenging on the water which was exactly what I was hoping for. I hope this year brings again 20-25 knots.

What do you think about the german events?

It’s an amazing set-up in Germany. There’s a lot around the windsurfing itself which is attracting a lot of people, I like this a lot! Meanwhile there’s a good organisation on the water also which makes it very complete.

Mostly you start in the discipline Slalom, what is about Racing? Will you compete at the Formula Windsurfing Worlds this year?

No I actually stopped Racing a few years ago! In Kühlungsborn I borrowed some gear and did a few races, which was actually very nice to do, but I don’t have all the gear at the moment to be competitive. I feel like I can still be a much better slalom racer which I feel like I have to train in all kind of conditions, so also when it’s light wind for Racing. But maybe if I would have a tour in Holland like the DWC I would do it again…… But no formula worlds for me this year ;-)

What is your most favorite spot in the world?

I think there are so many amazing spots around the world with different qualities, sometimes when I’m at my home lake Westeinder plassen in Holland surrounded by friends and family I feel like there’s no other spot giving me more satisfaction then that.

Are you doing any other sports than windsurfing?

I do lot’s of different sports to get fit, for example cycling, mountain biking, crossfit, SUP, surf and many more. They are all nice, but will never give you the feeling of freedom which windsurfing gives you.

Which goals do you want to reach this season?

My aim is to finish top 10 this year, last year I had the feeling that I would have done much better, but managed to finished 13th.. So let’s see if I can make the step again!

You are a very talented surfer, what is your secret?

Haha that’s a good question! Work hard, appreciate all you have and keep smiling: if you really want it, you can make it happen!

What is your advice to a rookie?

Take everything step by step! When you’re young you should focus on the national tour and IFCA youth events, don’t overrate yourself and waste time waiting on the beach at a world cup. Listen to the experience guys around you and don’t hesitate to ask for advice, I’m pretty sure most of them are more then happy to help you out ;-)

Thanks for the Interview!